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Marlin Model

Marlin 04.jpg

Stop renting
start investing
in your future

Unlock Homeownership:
Your Gateway to Financial Freedom with Casarella Homes

Introducing the new construction Marlin Model It combines style, comfort and brightness in an open design, creating warm and inviting spaces.

Functionality and Comfort

Efficiency Home


Build equity from day one.

Leverage rental income for mortgage payments.

Transition smoothly into property investment.

Enjoy the perks of owning over renting.


Financial growth through property equity.

Additional income stream from efficiency units.

Step into real estate investment with minimal risk.

Casarella Homes' support on your investment journey.

Plans Marlin Plus - 1,208 Sq Ft

Marlin Plus 1,208 Sq Ft.jpg
Marlin Plus Apartament 1.jpg

Marlin Plus

Apartament 1

923 Sq Ft

Marlin Plus Apartament 2.jpg

Marlin Plus

Apartament 2

285 Sq Ft

Live in the heart of comfort

Our homes are strategically located close to all the essential services you value: schools, hospitals, shops, and more, also just steps away from growing cities like Haines City, Davenport, and Lakeland. At Casarella Homes, you secure more than just a dwelling; you ensure a lifestyle.

Investing in a Developing County

Polk County is emerging as a vibrant destination for living, working, and leisure. By investing in property here, you'll gain from immediate returns and the long-term potential for appreciation due to ongoing development and rising housing demand.

For more details, you might want to explore further resources or local real estate listings in Polk County.

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