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Stop renting
start investing
in your future

Casarella Homes is revolutionizing access to housing and real estate investment with a business model focused on constructing homes designed to transform our clients' lives. Our goal is clear: to facilitate the path from renting to owning, significantly reducing living expenses and unlocking efficient and profitable investment opportunities.


Termite resistant

Lower maintenance costs

Resistant to hurricanes

Correctly specified & engineered cold-formed steel buildings can resist hurricanes ands strong winds


Minimal carbon emissions and waste, low impact to local communities, and an energy-efficient finished building

Lower Cost

Better delivery times that increase ROI

Mold resistant

Steel is inorganic, does not contain moisture

Lower slab breaks problems

It is a lighter system

Fire resistant

Steel is non-combustible and prevents the spread of fire

Higher thermal efficiency

Better thermal insulation, lower electricity and gas costs

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